Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answer to some frequently asked questions about the Healthy School Planner. If your question is not addressed below, please contact us and we will respond to your question.

Q: Can multiple people from the same school complete the HSP?

A: Technically, yes, multiple people from one school can register independently with their own account and receive their own set of results. The system DOES NOT aggregate results for a school though. If we aggregate at a district level, we only include the latest record from a single school – so whoever completes it last, their record would be included in aggregate results. It would be ideal if participants from the same school completed just one version with one account.

Q: Can two people both sign-in at the same time using the same password, or do we both need to work from the same laptop?

A: Only one computer can be logged in at a time. If multiple users login with the same password, one user will overwrite the other’s responses. Questionnaires can be printed off if multiple people need to see the questions and find it difficult to use the same computer. Only one person should record the information online.

Q: Will the assessment results rubric ONLY be sent to the person who logs on? Is there a way to add another email address to have the results sent to?

A: The rubric will only be available to the person with the account details to login. The report can be saved and emailed to as many people as the contact would like. The results are not emailed – they are accessed through the HSP website.

Q: We are doing a workshop where Health Champions are bringing their laptops and we plan to log in, register, and go through the foundational module together. I'm just wondering if you know if this format is successful?

A: This format has worked well for different. To date, we haven’t had any problems with having multiple users using the site at the same time. One tip I would have for you is to make sure participants are using a laptop vs. an iPad. The systems works fine on an iPad, but the rubric requires Microsoft Word (or equivalent) to open it, so if they don’t have this program on their iPad, it won’t open and they won’t be able to print.

Q: The results rubric that is generated - does that instantaneously get sent to the person who is logged on once they submit a finished module?  I know it says "immediately", but I just wanted to find out exactly what that means...

A: As soon as the participant clicks “Generate Report” on the last screen of the survey they will be redirected to the main page and their results are available.

Q: Hi, I tried to register, but the site has told me that I've already registered. I tried to use the forgot your password? setting and I need to know my username, but have been unable to guess the right one. Could you help me with this situation? I'm so sorry that I've forgotten everything!

A: Yes, you can contact us at any time to reset your password. Contact

Q: Hi there. I am a school nurse and I am currently assigned to 8 schools in the district. When I registered I was only able to identify 1 school. Is there a work around for this?

A: Each school would have to register on their own to complete the Healthy School Planner.

Q: Can you please tell me how to change login and password? I am leaving my current school and need to pass off the Healthy School Planner.

A: You can change the login and password yourself by logging in and then clicking on the “My Account” link. It’s in the green box at the top once you’ve logged in. From here you will be able to change the contact information for the account.

Alternatively, we can change the contact information for your school if you send us the new contact information. We will also reset the password. Contact

Q: I want to complete the topic specific questionnaires (tobacco use, physical activity, healthy eating, or positive mental health) but I can’t click on the buttons to start. How do I begin these questionnaires?

A: Your school is required to complete the foundational module first. Once this is complete, the other topic specific modules will become available.

Q: How long will it take to complete the HSP?

A: The time commitment involved in completing the HSP encompasses several factors. While entering the responses into the online questionnaire will only take about 20 minutes, the overall time commitment will depend on several factors:

  • Whether you have a team already in place
  • How familiar you are with the tool
  • The number of modules you choose to complete
  • The time involved in researching, discussing and arrive at consensus on responses. Responses to some questions may need investigating, especially if team membership is limited.
  • The time to enter the response online
  • Team meeting time to review the results, set goals and determine how to best take action to improve.

Q: Once I've started the assessment, can I stop and finish it later without losing my work?

A: Yes. Click "Save & Exit" to save information on the current assessment page. The next time you log in to the module, you will be automatically returned to the place where you left off. You may do this as many times as necessary to complete the assessment. However, once you submit your final responses, you will no longer be able to go back and change your answers.

Q: What if I don't want to answer a certain question?

A: You can choose not to answer any specific question. However, we encourage you to answer as many questions as possible to allow for a more complete picture of your school. Remember that any answers you provide are confidential. Only authorized representatives from your school will be able to view your school's results.

Q: Can I change my responses?

A: Yes, until you submit your final responses. You can change your responses at any time up until the point when you submit. Once you have submitted your final responses, you will not be able to change your answers.

Q: Where can I request a district level report?

A: If you are interested in an aggregate report for your district click on the link to the Data Request Application Form.

The Joint Consortium for School Health and the Propel Centre for Population Health Impact at the University of Waterloo have taken great care to protect the identity of the participants and schools using the Healthy School Planner and to safeguard the confidentiality of the information that these participants and schools have provided. Submission of this application form indicates your request for an aggregate report for a school board/district. Please note that you will be required to obtain a signature from your district’s superintendent (or designate). We would also encourage you to share this aggregate report with the district.